Want to work With Five on a Bike?


Five on a Bike is a video production company that focuses on the Care Home sector. We love making videos that help spread the word about the wonderful word of care. The work is interesting and fulfilling (not adrenaline-fueled though!) you will have a lovely time at the homes and meet lots of interesting people.

We are looking to build up a small database of freelancers to help us deliver video content to our clients when our in-house team is busy. The main characteristics we are looking for in our freelancers would be ‘niceness’ (as well as great work).

Filming in a care home is not like a typical video shoot because you are going into people’s homes, a big smile and a warm heart go a long way.

Watch our (very odd) recruitment video, to meet the team and watch an example video!

Watch The Recruitment Video


Here is a video we have made!


What Does The Ideal Candidate Look Like?

Friendly and Easygoing
Eager to Learn
Caring Around Vulnerable People
Creatively Driven
Open to Opportunities

What We Are Looking For

Self-Shooting Director
Camera Op

Thank you for your interest in Five on a Bike. We have currently closed applications because of the high volume of applications. Follow us on socials to keep an eye out for future roles.


Get to know the team!


This is a video we made for our Kickstarter Recruitment, watch to get to know our team members better! (Try and ignore the job role/process from this video)

More Information


Five on a bike is a Care Home Video Production that is dedicated to creating stunning and emotive video content, to engage and inspire potential residents, their families, and teams working within homes. Our team is committed to helping our clients get the best out of video content for marketing, recruitment, and internal communications within the care sector. We love what we do, so if you don’t like the idea of creating videos in and of care homes, then we are probably not the right fit for you! 

So, if you think we look like a good fit for you, and you fall under the right criteria, then please send us some information. We would love to hear from you!

If you’re local to us, come and visit our office