Covid-19 Update

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As of now, the Five on a Bike offices and green screen studio are closed. However, our team are still online and available whilst they are isolating at home. We have systems in place to facilitate remote content creation during this time, so do reach out if you are looking for editing, stock, or animated content.

As a support to those around us, we adapted our pricing across Events, Internal Comms, and Marketing last week to provide alternative content ideas for those who still need to communicate their message in these times of uncertainty. Whilst we are currently unable to film, we are open to chat about any future filming that you may be interested in, later in 2020. For this reason, we will keep these offers open at these prices during this time of uncertainty. You can learn more below.

We will continue to post regular updates as any changes happen.

Updated 24.03.20

In The Meantime...

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A lot of people are going to be turning to video calling platforms for meetings and catch-ups with their colleagues and clients. So, Five on a Bike’s MD, York, decided to put together some of his best pieces of advice on how to make yourself look your best on your webcam in these uncertain times.

Be Brave

When we first wrote this website, we filled it with sales pitches as to why we’re the right choice for you…

…because that’s what everyone else is doing! (If we’re the 57th video production company you’ve viewed today, you’ll know what we mean).
We could tell you that we’re the universe’s biggest multi award-winning video production company with our own specially manufactured gluten-free cameras, but we’ve decided to be brave by talking to you like a human.
 We make videos that we’re really proud of, and we try to inject a little bit of bravery into every project we touch. 

What We Do

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Abstract concepts made simple.

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Green Screen Studio

Flexible and scalable production.

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Increase employee engagement.

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Roses are red, violets are blue
We're brave with video, so you should be too


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Really friendly, professional team who managed my shoot and edit smoothly delivering an amazing amount of great video content. Highly recommend and will work with them again!