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From the CEO of a multinational company to an elderly care patient with dementia, we give all of our clients and colleagues the same kindness, respect, and transparency, no matter the project.

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We know video production can be a daunting feat, and it’s our mission to make the process as simple for you as possible. That’s why we ensure we’re always working within your timeline and your budget (with absolutely no surprises or last minute add-ons).

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With our diverse team of creative video production experts, and some of the most advanced equipment, whether your project is big or small – we’re ready. Get in touch with us today!

Are You Ready To Be Brave?

How We Work With You

Our journey with you will always look different to our journey with others, but this video gives a pretty good idea of what working with Five on a Bike will bring you.

Want more info? Scroll down the page to read our 3-step video production process!

Meet The Team

Dylan Smith

Chief of Security

Likes to be carried

york woodford smith five on a bike corporate video production
York Woodford-Smith

Founder & Managing Director

Loves a flowery shirt

chris harper five on a bike corporate video production
Chris Harper

Event Specialist & Head of Technical

Could be 25, could be 45

chris paul walton five on a bike corporate video production
Chris Walton

Producer Director & Head of Production

Loves a bad rom-com

Guy Smith

Finance Director & Drone Operator

Likes to carry Dylan

jack edge corporate video production
Jack Edge

Motion Graphics Specialist & Editor

Gen-Z to Millenial Translator

sakara five on a bike corporate video production
Sakara Malcolm

Project Manager, Camera Op & Editor

“I’m just weird”

steph five on a bike corporate video production
Steph Green

Marketing Manager

Susie Dent wannabe


Collaborating with you to come up with the ideas for your videos

You may be coming to us with a clear idea of your plan already, or you may have absolutely no idea where to start. We don’t mind either way, as this is the stage for us to brainstorm and really narrow down your concepts.

Creating scripts & storyboards

This is where we work with you to structure your ideas into a clear plan. We are happy to work in this stage for as long as it takes for you to be 100% happy with how your project is going to look.

Planning of complex productions

Some projects require additional efforts to find actors, locations, unique equipment, and more. We cover all of these little stresses so that you don’t have to.


Providing crew and/or equipment for filming at your business or event

We only provide what you need. If it’s a tight-budget one-off film, we offer a single camera operator and basic edit for a really competetive price. But if you need a comprehensive film, stream, and edit of your large corporate event, we have you covered.

Creating content in our green screen studio

We have our own green screen studio in-house at our offices in Buckinghamshire – within 45-minutes from central London. The studio is perfect for internal communications, talking heads films, and vlogging.

Shooting on-location for your promotional marketing video or TV advert

Wherever you are, we can come to you.


Comprehensive edit of the video content we filmed for you

After the shoot, we’ll take the footage back into our edit suite and our 3 highly-skilled editors will get to work on your film. By this point we’ll have a real idea of your branding and message so this is the part where it all comes together!

An edit of videos that someone else has filmed

If you already have some old content that you’d like to be brought back to life, or your employees have filmed something that you’d love to share across your socials, we provide an editing service perfect for this.

Creating motion graphics & animation

Our in-house animation expert, Jack Edge, can create an entirely graphic video or overlay graphics over existing videos.