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Internal Comms

Do your staff love your brand like your customers?

When staff are passionate about the company they work for you’ll be spending less time getting them to perform to their full potential. Using video is a fantastic way to do this and can give that personal touch an email can miss. We retain as much as 95% a message in video form compared to just 10% from a plain text email.


You’ve got something amazing to share, so let the world know about it with the most powerful medium out there. Video increases landing page conversions by 80%, makes customers 64% more likely to buy a product and gets 22% more engagement. Click below and find out more!


Events are an excellent way to create a buzz around your company, but what happens when it’s over. By using video the event can live on by reminding the attendees what a great time they had and using them to promote without having to pay for adverts.

 Social media is a fantastic way of getting your message out, 92% of mobile users share videos so make one of them yours. That way you can let those who didn’t go just what they missed.

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Your business needs to communicate important messages all the time. Whether you’re talking to your staff or customers, the medium used matters just as much as the overall message does. Corporate video production gives you a way to make your message captivating and dynamic, no matter what it is. Video has been proven to have a significant impact on everything from employee training to sales conversion rates. They help people retain a message much better, make more people buy a product, and encourage people to share your company message on social media. Five on a Bike helps London and UK businesses like yours to do better with our corporate video production expertise.

The Benefits

Professional video offers an array of advantages to businesses wishing to improve their marketing and communications. Using videos made by an experienced UK corporate video production company adds creativity to your business. It is proven to produce results in different areas of business, providing more for your money than other media and communication methods. It’s one of the things that people expect companies to engage in, and it’s a primary way that people consume media online. It’s important for businesses in London and around the Country to use some form of film if they want to stay up to date.
Our three main categories will serve all of your needs if you are in London or beyond.

Internal Communications

Connecting with your employees is just as important as connecting with your customers. From providing training to letting them know the latest company news, you want them to care about what you’re telling them. People retain as much as 95% from a message when it comes in a video format form. They are ideal for including in staff emails, and could boost both open rates and click-through rates. Highly engaged employees are more productive employees, so they can impact on your company’s productivity.


If you want to have a smart marketing strategy that reaches out to your audience across the UK in a number of effective ways, you can’t leave video marketing out. Sight and sound can combine to capture the imagination and get people to pay attention to your services. Using corporate video production for your marketing can increase conversion rates and sell more of your products.


Hosting a corporate event is only part of the journey to promote your business. When the event is over, you have plenty of opportunities to keep the promotion going. Social media is a good tool to carry on the conversation, and a film of your event is the perfect thing to share. There’s no need to stop at a single highlights reel of your event, either. Footage captured on the day can be edited to suit a range of purposes and captivate your audience.

Corporate video production can elevate your company, helping you make improvements internally and externally. Start communicating in a more creative and effective way and contact our team in London now to find out more on 01494 868409.

Customer Testimonials


So pleased with the work done by Five on a Bike!  They came, they captured the essence of our business and then created some great videos. The video’s presence on our website has really brought life to the pages and injected a freshness. I can highly recommend the Five on a Bike team.

Jenny, Co-Founder
Malt The Berwery


The video was excellent, it really delivered on our needs, thank you for the great work

Andy Ray, Sales Director


Working with Five on a Bike is great, I cannot believe how quickly I have come to think of them as part of my extended team. Projects are always delivered on time and normally under budget to a high standard.

Internal Comms Manager
FTSE 250 Company