Right Now, Internal Communications Are As Important As Ever


Covid-19 is causing a lot of disruption across almost every industry. At this time, we are certain that internal communications managers are going to be feeling the pressures more than many.

In times of uncertainty, your employees and team members are going to be looking for guidance and information more than ever. So, whilst some of your usual methods of communication may be affected by Covid-19, we’re looking to offer safe alternatives to communicate your messages without putting anyone at risk.

In these times of worry and uncertainty, we really believe in keeping positive and helping our community to get through what could be a very difficult period. So, we’re offering the opportunity to film your announcements, end-of-year updates, meetings, and internal conferences, live-streamed or recorded safely and securely from £395. Take a look at some of the prices below and do get in touch if we can help in any way.

Come and Film in our Studio
From £395 + VAT
Film your announcement or updates at our studio in Buckinghamshire.
Live streamed or filmed and edited.
Film at Your Location
From £995 + VAT
Bring our crew to you, in your offices, or in a remote location.
Live streamed or filmed and edited.
Remotely Set Up & Live Stream
From £395 + VAT
Let us set up a live-streaming platform for you and show you how to self-film. Then, we'll edit the footage into shareable content afterwards.

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This offer is perfect for companies who need to share important pieces of information with their employees. Whilst vast changes are happening in the world, the workforce needs consistent information more than ever. So, this offer endeavours to help communicate important messages in these uncertain times.

Our studio can be used for single speakers, interviews with staff, and informal Q&As. Or, for shoots requiring a larger space, Five on a Bike will happily travel to your offices or personal location.

For live streaming content, Five on a Bike uses a free IBM streaming platform with a secure registration wall to ensure the security of your viewers and keep sensitive information company-internal.

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Will it be safe to film?

Yes. Inviting 1-3 of our camera operators to film your speakers is extremely low risk.

Additionally, our team are meticulously abiding by the suggested hygiene precautions to reduce the spread of the virus. After regular check-ins with our MD, the team who attend will also take care to ensure the equipment is cleaned throughout the shoot (microphones etc).

How do you include PowerPoint presentations and slides?

Including a presentation is easy in both live and pre-recorded filming. We have a piece of equipment called a vision mixer, which easily feeds slides and presentations to show in real-time to the audience. All the speaker has to do is present to the camera as they would to an audience and we’ll handle the rest.

How many cameras and crew will you send?

Depending on the nature of your filming, we will most likely be using 2-3 cameras, with 1-3 crew producing and directing. We are happy to discuss your requirements in detail over the phone, to ensure we are sending the right amount of equipment and crew within your budget.

What if we want to record live but save our footage for future use?

As standard, we will record the live footage into a saveable format. From here, you can either walk away with a full, unedited version of the presentations, or we can arrange an editing service on top of the live streaming package that you choose.


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