Has Coronavirus Disrupted Your Event?


After a number of our events clients have reached out to us that they are cancelling or altering their events in light of Covid-19, Five on a Bike have decided to offer a solution to those who have also been affected.

We understand that when you host an event, you have a message to give out to your employees, customers, or prospects. When the event is cancelled, it can be difficult to get that message out.

We are offering the opportunity to come and film in our studio; on-location in your offices; or at your pre-booked event venue, live or pre-recorded, to get your message out to your audience despite cancellations.

Take a look at the prices below, and get in touch to find out more.

Filming In Our Studio
From £395 + VAT
Filming of your speakers at our studio in Buckinghamshire.
Live streamed or filmed and edited.
Filming On-Location
From £995 + VAT
Bring our crew to you, in your offices, in a remote location, or in your booked event space.
Live streamed or filmed and edited.
Not Got A Location?
From £595* + VAT
Our crew will help to find and hire a suitable location to film what you need. Live streamed or filmed and edited. *price of location not included.

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This offer is perfect for companies hosting events with important pieces of information that still need to be shared with their audience. Where your attendees will have already marked the day of your event off of their calendar, this is a great way to make use of their time and still share the messages that you need to convey.

Our studio can be used for single presenters, interviews, and informal Q&As. For shoots requiring a larger space, Five on a Bike will work with you to find a local space and provide the AV equipment that you may need.

If you’ve already hired a space for your event, we are happy to film your content on-location, providing direction and guidance on how to give the illusion of presenting to a large audience.

Our 'Coronavirus & Events' Webinar


On Friday 13th March, we hosted a live webinar to offer more information about what to do if your event is cancelled, and how to self-film in isolation. You can watch the playback of the webinar, which included guest speakers and a live Q&A, here:

Get in touch to learn more

Could Your Event Still Be Going Ahead?


If you think Coronavirus may lead to a lower footfall than your event may have expected, or you think your event has the potential to still run with the help of filming, let’s have a chat about live streaming to those who may be unable to attend or spectate.


Talk to the team about:

Internal Conferences
Sporting Fixtures
Theatre & Performances
Private Events
Expos & Product Releases



Will it be safe to film?

Yes. Inviting 1-3 of our camera operators to film your speakers is extremely low risk.

Additionally, our team are meticulously abiding by the suggested hygiene precautions to reduce the spread of the virus. After regular check-ins with our MD, the team who attend will also take care to ensure the equipment is cleaned throughout the shoot (microphones etc).

How do you include PowerPoint presentations and slides?

Including a presentation is easy in both live and pre-recorded filming. We have a piece of equipment called a vision mixer, which easily feeds slides and presentations to show in real-time to the audience. All the speaker has to do is present to the camera as they would to an audience and we’ll handle the rest.

How many cameras and crew will you send?

Depending on the nature of your filming, we will most likely be using 2-3 cameras, with 1-3 crew producing and directing. We are happy to discuss your requirements in detail over the phone, to ensure we are sending the right amount of equipment and crew within your budget.

What if we want to record live but save our footage for future use?

As standard, we will record the live footage into a saveable format. From here, you can either walk away with a full, unedited version of the presentations, or we can arrange an editing service on top of the live streaming package that you choose.


Five on a Bike is rated 5 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ in 24 independent reviews on Google!
James Walton
“That Event Company”

A top team that never fails to impress. Used on numerous corporate, royal and private events. York and his team are our go to guys for live and recorded video production solutions. Highly recommended.

Chandler Garvey

York, Chris and the team at Five on a Bike were fantastic to deal with. The preparation stage was excellent and the team on the day were very well organised and made the speakers feel at ease.