What is your Video Production budget?

Videos can be highly effective as a marketing tool and don’t have to cost the earth but generally, you get back what you put in.

With marketing videos (unlike internal communications) we always suggest you use the very best crew your budget can afford. Using a full crew allows the individual members to concentrate on their role so the ultimate quality is much higher.

For example, a camera operator can record sound via the camera, however if you are in a challenging sound environment (noisy conference, factory floor) you may want to use a sound operator so the camera op can concentrate on making the pictures look as good as they possibly can and the sound op can concentrate on the sound elements.
If you’ve got an event, large office space or multiple interviews to film hiring a larger crew is the most effective way to capture everything at a very high-quality level and high quality = higher engagement in your videos!

A director or producer adds an extra layer of quality to the production; whether it’s through creative framing and lighting or sculpting the content of an interview to line up with your company’s messaging.
Not to be overlooked, the production assistant plays a vital role in keeping everything running smoothly by changing camera lenses or setting up lighting allowing everyone in the room to focus on doing what they do best.
To learn about all the different roles in the video read our….

Here are a few examples of what this sort of approach can achieve:

Gatsby & Miller

BNU Bizfest

This is a typical budget for achieving these sort of results:
Gold Budget – TV Quality
Director: Half Day £475 – Full Day £575
Producer: Half Day £475 – Full Day £575
Camera Operator: Half Day £325 – Full Day £425
Production Assistant: Half Day £175 – Full Day £275
Lighting Hire: Half Day £265 – Full Day £265
TOTAL: Half Day £2040 – Full Day £2540

Bringing out the whole crew isn’t always appropriate though, we’ve filmed world records being broken, crowd funding campaigns and cutting edge technology with a very simple crew. A shooting director knows how to get everything working well in front and behind the camera. The production assistant once again proves their usefulness by allowing the shooting director to really focus on crafting beautiful content.
Here’s an example of what can be achieved with this set-up:

Vicon - Virtual Sets

Halo Windows – Customer Testimonial

However if your budget is tighter you can start with just a shooting director and build up from there, so another example maybe;

BUDGET B – Web Quality

Shooting Director: Half Day £475 – Full Day £575

TOTAL: Half Day £475 – Full Day £575

So all of these ideas play back into the first question;

What is the video for and how are you going to use it?

Armed with this information have a chat with your video production provider, or us ;-) and we can start you on the track to creating a marketing video that meets your objectives and offers a great return on investment!

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