Pricing up a video project for Internal Comms

When you are creating a video project for internal comms budget can be a very important consideration and sometimes it’s hard (without a full brief) to get an idea of how much your project might cost. This information broadly covers most types of internal comms filming;

* Interviews with senior staff (CEO, Directors)
* Interviews with staff (case studies for recruitment for example)
* Filming locations (shops, offices, factories)
* Training Videos
* Compliance Videos
* Investor Relations
* Customer Feedback
* New initiative launches

There are several stages to production and if you want to understand the process better check out our How To Video production guide before reading on…

The most useful thing for us to do is to focus on the production and give you information about costings for different levels of camera crew per day.

If you have any questions about Pre & Post production, drop us an email and we will fill you in.

Camera Operator – £480 + VAT (8 Hour Day)
You get an experienced camera operator, who is an expert at the technical and creative side of filming. To get the best out of an operator you need to have a clear shooting plan, someone who can interview and coach the people appearing within the film and produce the content. A camera operator’s kit would normally include;
HD Camera & Tripod
Small Battery Powered LED Light
2 x Radio Microphones
1 x Boom Microphone

2 x Camera Op – £960 + VAT
Useful if you have multiple locations and need to collect different types of footage when multiple things are happening at once. For example, this would work well if you are filming on one site, but you have three different things to film, you could split into two teams to get the best out of your time.

Shooting Director – £575 + VAT
A shooting director is a camera operator with multiple years of experience, who can deal with much more in the same amount of time as a camera operator, for example, run multiple cameras, coach people on how to perform in front of camera, know how to extract the best possible result from a given situation.

I would never recommend shooting with senior staff with one crew member as there time is very valuable, but sometime budget won’t allow! So if you do, make sure you use a shooting director, who will be well used to working with CEO’s and the like. It’s important that the people involved in the content feel at ease and a good shooting director will do this.

1x Shooting Director & 1 x Camera Op – £1055 + VAT
Combining a shooting director & a camera op gives you a great team combination capable of capture a vast amount of great content in one day, this means you can shoot interviews with two cameras giving you more flexibility in editing. Shoot multiple locations at once, great if you have a large site where multiple things are happening at once. Also we are able to include more equipment, improving the quality of the final product.

1x Producer, 1 x Camera Op – £1055 + VAT
Utilizing an experienced video producer can really help you nail the content of your film. In our experience most of the time the producing is done by you or someone in your team. However if you’re unable to attend the shoot and you want someone who is solely in charge of making sure content is right (people in the interview give great sound bites, the process in your factory is shown correctly, all branding is shot is up to date)

1 x Producer, 1 x Shooting Director – £1150 + VAT
Depending on the complexity of the shoot will depend on whether you require a producer and a shooting director. Essentially you are getting a more experienced team.

This example shows what is possible with a producer & a shooting director.

See an example costing we recently supplied to a FTSE 250 company.
Shoot Day 1 (3 Locations) – Shooting Director & Camera Op – £1055
Shoot Day 2 (2 Locations) – Shooting Director – £575
Shoot Day 3 – Camera Op – £480
Shoot Day 4 – Camera Op – £480

Production Budget – £2590

We charge editing at £60 per hour, £480 per day, this includes creation of motion graphics, name straps etc.

Estimated Budget breakdown for £5k – 1 x 5 min film – 1 x 10 min film, this content is designed to be included in apprentice new starter, joining packs.

* Pre-Production – £600 (assisting with planning the shooting schedule, creative ideas, meetings)
* Production – £2590 (four filming days as above)
* Post Production – £1810 (30 hours of editing 3.5 days)

So as you can see you could film content for your project from as little a £480 a day.

The first thing for you to workout will be;

How many days of filming will I need?

From here we can normally give you a pretty good estimate of how much post production you need.

Contact us today for a quote for your project;