York Woodford Smith

Head of Marketing & Internal Comms

With his 1st Class Honours Degree in Live TV Production, and his experience working with some of the most well known names located across the globe, York has built up a number of years of expert knowledge to make your customers fall in love with your brand.

York grew up in a pub, initially believing that he had beer in his blood. Of course, it turns out that it wasn’t beer coursing through his veins after all, but sheer entrepreneurial spirit; he had his first business at the tender age of 13, running a gardening service.

These days, York leads the team at Five on a Bike and will ensure that your films have the creative punch and professionalism that they deserve. York’s most recent business accolade was his nomination in the “Business Leader of the Year” Category at the Buckinghamshire Business Awards.

York is married to Melissa, who could hardly refuse to marry him after he hired a helicopter and flew her over his marriage proposal spelled out in big letters on a field below. In March 2015, York became a proud father to a beautiful boy named Chester, and his new little family share their home with a shy cat called Crackers.

Favourite film: Resident Evil and Lion King

Random fact: He was beaten up by four-year-olds when he showed up late at a primary school fete in a swan outfit. The story made headlines around the world.

Favourite Five on a Bike Film – Rhino Rugby