Nick Bright

Head of Event Production

Nick specialises in photography and has strong technical knowledge of the equipment needed to get that perfect shot. His passion for learning new skills is unprecedented; with his current software knowledge spanning Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Motion, just to name just a few.

With his degree in Computer Animations, Nick also brings the awesome knowledge of all things animated to the Five on a Bike team, which is often used to inject new life into film projects.

What really revs his engine, though, is putting his body through extreme challenges such as Tough Mudder, jumping over logs and scrambling over nets with a head-mounted camera in an attempt to document the action. Ever the videographer, he can also often be found strapping his GoPro to his head and going for 10K runs!

Favourite films: Wall-E and District 9

Random Fact: Nick has a love for travel, and recently returned from a month long trip to New Zealand, where his exploits included sky diving, bungee jumping and rafting through level 5 white water rapids!

Favourite Five on a Bike Project – Aurora Ball