Meet the Five on a Bike video production team…

Meet the Five on a Bike video production team…

Using our highly creative production team, we produce a wide range of film content to complement your marketing mix. Our range of skills and services can provide you with everything that is needed to emphasise your brand – from filming of events to bespoke video advertising campaigns.

Do you staff love your brand as much as your customers do?
We create love for your brand with stunning video for marketing
Maximize the value from your events with engaging video
  • What Do We Do?
  • Corporate video production comes in many shapes and sizes.
  • We have created three core categories of video production.

…we’ll use our combined creativity, technical expertise, and passion to create a love for your brand.

Nick Bright
Head of Event Production

York Woodford Smith
Head of Marketing & Internal Comms

Chris Harper
Head of Post Production

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01494 868409

Chris Hughes
Film Director

Guy Smith
Camera Operator

Chief of Security