Working with Peter Davey we filmed produced 3 films for Logmatic, who produce a log splitting tool and other useful tools for gardening, landscaping and other smiliar applications. Over the course of the day we shot the videos that both showcase the products and also explain how to operate them.

The Videos for the Logmatic Logsplitter and Obamatic Trestle were shot on tripods and shots were carefully planned to show off the product against it’s enviroment and some artistic close up shots. The Brushmatic in comparison was shot more as a run-and-gun production with the XF300 as it took place across a wide area. This allowed Crispin (star of the video) to find multiple locations to demonstrate the Brushmatic’s versatile applications.


Canon XF300

Canon 5D Mk III with 24-70 f/2.8

Sennheiser G3 Lavalier Radio Mics


Nick Bright – Shooting Director

Natalie Theobald – Second Camera

See the Brushmatic and Obamatic Trestle videos: