Working with the charity AADC, Five on a Bike provided a range of video services for their 2016 international conference.

Firstly, we partook in a site visit to the conference venue in Lingfield Park Racecourse. We went over the running order with Lisa, the event organizer and decided how to best layout the room to get the best from the filming. We also touch based with the technical team at the hotel to check requirements for using the hotel’s sound system and built in projectors.

We then produced some content for the screen to be used during the conference and the gala dinner as well as an emotional video highlighting what the condition is and how the charity had been doing over the past 10 years, see the video below (but get your tissue boxes ready).


We also produced graphics for an auction, so we could give people updates on how much to bid through the course of the gala dinner. This feature really helped boost the total amount of money raised and it drove competition into the auction process, see the graphics below.



During the daytime conference, we filmed live, mixed and streamed the whole conference using our event filming equipment.

AADC image


2 x HD Event Filming Cameras

1 x Black Magic Mixing Desk

1 x Holden Cube for live Stream to YouTube

1 x MacPro Editing System for graphics


Chris Harper – Editor, Camera Op

York Woodford-Smith – Producer / Camera Op